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My Mozilla Related Stuff

These are a few pages where I have recorded some stuff for my own reference and for others too. These web pages are hosted on my own machine and if you are not able to access them it is possible that the machine is down for maintenance. Please wait for a while and try to access again.

I'm a Debian GNU/Linux user and only use Windows if I really have to(No Wine yet!!).

CaScadeS Manual
This article consists of basic procedure of using CaScadeS, Nvu's built in CSS editor.
Firefox 101
Some helpful tips on how to get started with Firefox.
NvuHelp Project
NvuHelp Documentation Project now has an independent project website on Please send in your views about Nvu Help on how to improve it.
Nvu Tutorial
Finally, I found time to write a brief tutorial for completely new to web design using Nvu. It is in .xpi format. Instructions for download and installation can be found here.
Nvu Localizations
Links to various Nvu l10n projects. Mail me if you know of other which I missed.
Nvu Tips
A web page for recording sometips about Nvu usage and setting preferences - page in infancy.
Smoke for Nvu
Smoke is the first additional theme for Nvu. It was adapted from Smoke for Firefox to Nvu. Read More...
Firefox Notepad
I designed a notepad for promoting Firefox using Scribus. I don't have plans to get it printed yet, but if you do, you can download it. I'm not a designer and this was my first time using Scribus, so please send comments if you have any.